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Maagan Michael: Early Days

Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael was established on August 25, 1949 on a windswept, treeless sandstone hill on Israel's coastal plain  - 30 km south of Haifa and 70 km north of Tel Aviv between the Mt. Carmel in the east and the Mediterranean Sea in the west.


The initial settlement, made up of a  few spartan wooden huts, numbered barely 200 souls - of which almost 50 were children. Most of Ma'agan Michael's agricultural land was located on inhospitable swamplands that were later reclaimed. The Kibbutz's original assets consisted of one cow, a small flock of sheep and a few chickens.


Since then Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael has grown and prospered into the largest kibbutz in Israel  - and  one of the most successful - with a current population of 1,412 residents (excluding outside workforce hired by the Kibbutz). It has developed into a multi-million dollar agro-industrial complex with international activities that embrace much of the globe.